3 ways to 'listen' for business opportunities on LinkedIn

Questar blog | October 9, 2018

From job promotions to retirement, people are talking about their major financial life events on LinkedIn. That presents a great opportunity for financial advisors to engage with clients and potential prospects. With all this chatter, how can you cut the noise to ‘listen in’ on what you want to hear?

Here are three simple LinkedIn adjustments to help you listen for business opportunities.

1. Customize your newsfeed

Listen to connections you want to target (and hide the one’s you don’t need to hear).

  1. Simply click on the “ME ICON” and select “Settings & Privacy”
  2. Then hit “Site preferences”
  3. Lastly, click on “Change” next to “Feed preferences” (users won’t be notified that you unfollowed them, so there’s no worry about losing connections).



2. Get alerted

Cut the noise and fine-tune what you’re hearing.

  1. Click on the “ME ICON” and select “Settings & Privacy”
  2. Then click on “Communications”
  3. Hit “Change” next to “Notifications on LinkedIn” and configure as you want.


3. Apply “advanced people filters”

Listen to outside your network for potential prospects.

  1. Click on the “Search” bar
  2. Then select “People”
  3. Go to “All Filters” to find your target. Search exclusively by company, job title, location, connection levels, and more.



Knowing what to say to say on LinkedIn is all about listening first. Whether your client is looking to do a 401(k) rollover or expecting a newborn child, being able to effectively listen in on LinkedIn now could scream business opportunities and stronger client relations for the future.

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