Business Continuity Statement

Questar Capital is committed to maintaining ongoing operations for our customers. We recognize that certain uncontrollable events may cause interruptions to our normal operations. In preparation for such events, we have developed a business continuity plan to ensure sufficient resources are available for the recovery of critical business operations.

In the event of an emergency
Clients should attempt to contact their registered representative directly or visit our website at for further information. Questar Capital’s general phone number is 888.446.5872. If you are unable to contact us through these means and wish to access an account maintained at our clearing broker, you may contact Pershing at 201.413.3635. Direct application business may be accessed by contacting the issuer as noted on your account statements. Access to these alternate means of communication will ensure you have prompt access to your funds and securities.

Questar Capital Business Continuity Plan
The goal of the Business Continuity Plan is to ensure the safety of employees and resumption of time–sensitive operations in the event of a significant business interruption. It also prepares Questar to meet obligations to clients and ensures compliance with regulatory, legal and financial requirements.

Our business continuity plan addresses: data backup and recovery; identification of all mission critical systems; financial and operations assessments; alternate communications between customers, members and employees; alternate physical location of employees; critical business impact; regulatory reporting; communications with regulators and how member will ensure customers’ prompt access to their funds and securities if we are unable to continue our business. To this end we have identified an alternate location with data back up and resources to ensure time critical operations are resumed within identified time frames.

In order to protect the effectiveness of our plan, we maintain the confidentiality of our Business Continuity Plan and do not provide specific details in this notice. Please be advised that our plan provides for alternate support during such a disruption, including working through, or directly with our clearing broker, Pershing which maintains its own business continuity plans to protect account and transaction records.