Client FAQs about transition to Woodbury Financial

This page includes Frequently Asked Questions regarding the transition to Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. 

Will my Questar financial advisor still be my advisor?

If your financial advisor chooses to move to Woodbury Financial, your advisor will remain the same. If your advisor chooses otherwise, and your account is at Questar at the time of the conversion deadline, then your account becomes a Questar house account (see next question).

What will happen to my accounts?

If your financial advisor chooses to move to Woodbury Financial and your account is still at Questar at the time of the conversion deadline, your accounts will move over under Woodbury Financial. The transition is expected to occur in 1Q 2019.

Who is Advisor Group?

Advisor Group is one of the nation's largest networks of independent financial advisory firms.

Who is Woodbury Financial Services?

Woodbury Financial is one of Advisor Group’s independent firms. Like Questar, they are a broker/dealer and RIA based in the Minnesota metropolitan area. Learn more about Woodbury Financial by visiting their website at

What happens to my Pershing (NetXInvestor) Brokerage Accounts after my accounts transfer to Woodbury Financial?

Account features such as periodic investments, systematic withdrawals and cost basis will remain the same. There will be some minor changes to your accounts and access:

  • Account statements: Woodbury Financial’s logo will replace the current Questar logo on your account statements
  • Online account access: Your website login will change after the transition. You’ll be notified with instructions prior to the transition.
  • Fees: The Woodbury Financial fee schedule will replace your current Questar fee schedule. You can find Woodbury Financial and Questars' fee schedules on each of their websites. 

We recommend contacting your financial professional if you have questions about your account or holdings.