Statement of client rights & responsibilities

At Questar we are committed to providing you with independent and objective advice and assistance based on informed analysis, prudent judgment, and diligent effort. We believe that your needs should always come before those of Questar or your financial professional.


As the client, you have important rights, including the right to high-quality investment products and services from the investment firm and financial professional you choose. You also have responsibilities. This document describes your rights and responsibilities as client working with Questar and our affiliated financial professionals.

Your rights as a client

Your responsibilities as a client

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Your rights as an client

As a client, you have the right to:

  • To be treated in a fair, ethical, and respectful manner in all interactions with an investment firm, its employees, and its financial professionals.
  • To receive competent and courteous service at a fair price.
  • To select your own financial advisor, or to move your account to another financial professional or a new investment firm in a simple, efficient manner whevener you choose.
  • You have the right to fully understand the expenses you are paying for investment services and products. This is true even if your financial product is as simple as a checking account.
Your Financial Professionals must base decisions and recommendations on:
  • Discussions with you about your needs and circumstances.
  • Analysis of your needs and circumstances.
  • Analysis of the products and services that may be used to meet your needs.
  • Based on your personal objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors you have disclosed.
  • To be apprised of significant conflicts of interest identified in a financial relationship between an investor and his/her investment firm or financial professional.
  • To be able to rely on your financial professional’s assistance in setting realistic expectations about the long-term performance and associated risks of various investment products.
To understand the performance of a financial product, you must be able to understand the information provided by the financial professional or firm. Thus, you must receive communications — electronic, written, verbal, or otherwise — that make sense to you. If you do not understand the information given to you, you have the right to ask questions, request an explanation, and delay agreeing to the advice until the information is made clear.
We value the safety and security of your confidential information. As such, Questar takes appropriate measures to safeguard the security of your information. Questar employees and your financial professional will access your information only when there is an appropriate reason to do so, such as to administer your account, or get in touch with you. Sharing of this information is done only as needed to conduct business. Your personal information will not be disclosed to others unless it is required by law, such as through an administrative order, a subpoena or by a regulator with lawful jurisdiction.

You are entitled to fair consideration and prompt response from your investment firm, if a problem with your account ever arises.

Your responsibilities as a client

Investing your money is a major decision, similar to the purchase of a house or an automobile. Thoroughly investigate any potential investment and discuss the potential risks, costs, rewards and consequences with your advisor before taking any action.

  • Read thoroughly all sales literature, prospectuses, and/or other offering documents before making any investment.
  • Carefully consider all investment risks, fees, and/or other factors explained in these documents.
  • Be certain that you understand the relationship, not only between your investment objectives and the risks and returns on your particular investments, but also between your particular investments and your investment objectives.
  • Remember that every investment has some degree of risk and that it is possible to lose money including principal on any investment.
  • Provide completely accurate information about your current investments, tax information, investment goals and risk tolerance, so that your financial professional can provide you with appropriate recommendations and asset allocations.
  • Seek out whatever information you need or want from your financial professional by proactively asking any questions you have about your account, a specific transaction, risk exposures, potential conflicts of interest, commissions, sales charges, and other fees.
  • Notify your financial professional promptly whenever there is a significant change in your investment objectives, risk tolerance, income, net worth, or liquidity needs.
  • If you have any holdings in mutual funds, tell your financial professional about similar mutual-fund holdings you have at other investment firms or directly with the mutual fund company, so that your financial professional can make sure you receive any applicable “breakpoint” discount.
  • If you are paying for an investment by check or funds transfer, you should always make payments directly to your investment firm or the product sponsor. Do not make any checks payable to, or negotiable by, your financial professional.
  • Thoroughly read and retain your monthly account statements, confirmations, and any other information you receive about your investment transactions.
  • Immediately question any transaction or entry that you do not understand or did not authorize, or any inconsistency you see between the statements and any other information you receive. If you are not satisfied with your financial professional’s response, consult with the firm’s branch manager or compliance department.
Do note make checks payable to, or negotiable by, your financial professional.
  • Consult an attorney or a tax advisor for specific tax or legal advice.
  • Keep in mind that you are fully responsible for your investment decisions if you choose automated channels (internet or telephone) for your trading needs.
  • Carefully consider the validity and reliability of investment information obtained from all sources, especially unsolicited information obtained over the Internet.