Questar Asset Management

Questar Asset Management (QAM) offers you a variety of programs that help you take your fee-based business to the next level! Designed to deliver the flexible financial solutions that meet your clients' goals and objectives, we give you the tools you need to compete in the marketplace. These tools and programs are available to those registered reps who are also registered with QAM as an independent advisor representative. 


Not everyone’s business model and experience level are the same. And each advisor’s desired time commitment to due diligence, fund research, and investment philosophy varies. That’s why we created three distinct – yet flexible – paths with our DIMENSION Series: Turnkey, Advantage, and Wealth Management.

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Questar Strategic DesignsSM

Exclusive to QAM, Questar Strategic DesignsSM offers a series of 10 proprietary models comprised of five Dimensional portfolios and five ETF portfolios. Questar Strategic DesignsSM enlists the expertise of our affiliated partners from within the Allianz family, Allianz Investment Management (AIM) to help create and direct these portfolios.

Portfolio Designs

With an account minimum of $30,000, your clients can take advantage of asset allocation strategies from some of the finest money managers in the business. This program gives your clients the expertise and flexibility they need to make the most of the market—and helps you to monitor your clients' portfolios on a regular basis.

Third Party Money Managers

We have conducted extensive due diligence to partner with three leading TPPMs:

  • AssetMark
  • FTJ Fundchoice
  • SEI

Get direct access to wholesalers, training, investment engine selections, research, and practice management support. Our Sales Team will help you find the right manager to meet your client's financial goals and objectives.

Financial Plans

As an advisor, you bring more to client relationships than products and financial projections. You are bringing your financial expertise, which is irreplaceable. We believe in your freedom to succeed - in the transformative power of you. Earn compensation for your expertise, because the advice you provide is real and tangible.

Personalized Service

We are committed to providing you with individualized customer service and sales support. Our Service Team is on hand to answer your questions regarding paperwork and processing. We offer personalized status updates for new accounts and keep you informed of any service requests. Our Sales Team is available to help you find the right products and investments to meet your client's financial goals.

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