Business Building Career Development

Train for greater success

Even champions have coaches.That’s why we developed Inside Questar (IQ), a suite of personal coaching resources to help you hone your skills and grow your business. 

National Sales Conference

Held each fall in Minneapolis/St. Paul, this educational event offers a great opportunity to meet our staff, network with your peers, and share best practices. The conference includes breakout sessions, presentations by keynote speakers, strategic partners, and home office staff, and exhibits from industry leaders.

Sales Summit

Each year, we sponsor an exclusive event for our top representatives, to give them tools and motivation to keep up their remarkable sales momentum. These representatives from across the country join Questar Capital divisional vice presidents for meetings where they can learn from each other, hear top industry speakers, and share what make their practice successful.

Spotlight Calls

Our exclusive Spotlight Calls bring you timely sales and product strategies throughout the year. Your practice center stage on our monthly Spotlight calls. It's where your peers, products, and best practices shine.

LINK (Lead. Inspire. Network. Know.)

We're proud to have our own women’s networking group. A variety of topics – such as practice management, life-work balance, running a tech-savvy office and best practice sharing – are explored via exclusive events, top-notch speakers, Web-enabled calls, newsletters, and other great perks.