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You’re a financial professional, not a marketing expert. Yet, you need to market yourself on a daily basis. That’s why Questar Capital provides you with comprehensive marketing and sales tools that help you differentiate yourself from your competition while positioning yourself as a knowledgeable resource for your clients’ financial services needs. We provide you with the resources you need to perform your best.

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Create professional presentations that inform clients and target prospects with this easy-to-use Web-based client interaction and presentation solution. We give you instant access to compliance-approved, regulatory compliant information on more than 1700 financial topics in 10 subject areas.

Marketing tools online

Questar Capital helps keep you in front of your customers by providing you with professionally produced resources from some of the top names in the business. Questar Capital’s online tools can save you time and increase your business building opportunities

We work with the following companies to offer compliance-approved marketing resources for: Web site development, pre-approved marketing collateral, pre-approved seminars and newsletters.

Web site vendors

Marketing materials



  • Emerald Publications - 800.233.2834
    Financial Ink, Golden Strategies
  • Forefield Advisor - 800.550.6831
  • Newkirk - 888.679.3300
    Loose Change, 4 Bits
  • Integrated Concepts - 800.338.4328
    Financial Briefs, Financial Outlook
  • Liberty Publishing - 978.777.8200
    Financial Planning Strategies, The 20/20 Newsletter, The
    Financial Insider, and Financial Planning for Business