Office Tools

The right tools help you work smarter.

Eliminate paperwork while you improve the way you manage and control your clients’ accounts. As more and more business is done via the Internet, Questar Capital has created a range of online programs and software solutions to help our representatives make the most of the changing technology.

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StarPoint Portal

StarPoint gives you front-end online access to data in our back office system. Need information about commissions? Client accounts? Suitability data? Product information? Want to get a quick StarPoint overview or find out more information about StarPoint? It's all right here.

Albridge Wealth Reporting

By providing a comprehensive view of your client assets, you can deliver an unparalleled level of service. This portfolio management system integrates portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients' assets. It also, consolidates client account data from hundreds of sources, making it the industry's most scalable and reliable wealth reporting solution.


Questar Capital's solution to e-mail retention. Questar Capital saves you time by electronically scanning all e-mails and attachments for noncompliant language and ensuring that required e-mail communications are being reviewed and retained. This ongoing electronic audit means that you don't have to produce manual hard copy print-outs of all e-mail communication and prepare manual correspondence logs for review by the DSP/OSJ Manager.

NetX 360™

Use the latest technology to manage your business. NetX 360™ software available through Pershing's brokerage platform can show you how to save time, organize your business, research investments and simplify your work.


SmartOffice Premier Edition enables growing firms to manage multiple lines of business and a large number of clients from anywhere, anytime - all while increasing the personal level of service that secures your position as your clients' most trusted financial advisor.

An easy-to-use, industry-specific financial advisor software solution, SmartOffice ties together the diverse pieces of your business - people, process, and systems. As a result, your entire office can do business faster, and build and maintain strong client relationships that drive more business.

Redtail Technology

Redtail Technology offers web-based CRM solutions built to meet the challenging needs of financial advisors. It's easy to use, quick to deploy, and delivers a rapid return on investment.

FP Transitions

FP Transitions is a succession, valuation and acquisition consulting firm which will provide you with the tools you need to successfully protect and grow your practice. FP Transitions helps independent registered reps manage the equity in their practice from initial valuation to long term retirement strategies.

Financial Calculators

Use these powerful financial tools to show your clients how a small monthly investment can grow into a substantial nest egg, a way to pay for college, or tax sheltered income. These easy-to-use financial calculators help get your clients excited about investing and show them just how rewarding it can be.

DST Vision®

Enhance your management of client portfolios and increase your productivity. DST Vision® gives you complete client account access and information, portfolio management, electronic statements and more . . . plus real-time, reliable information for more than 260 mutual fund and variable annuity companies.

Copy Talk

CopyTalk is a documentation service that allows you to make a simple phone call and dictate your client/propect meeting notes - so you don't spend time typing them for filing or entering them into your client management system. Within a few hours you'll receive an e-mail of everything you dictated. Simply copy and paste the e-mail text into any client management system or other document software or print for your client's file.

Other Financial Sites

To further simplify your day we have created a resource for financial websites, a variety of newspapers, major news networks and exchanges all from the Questar Capital website. We hope that you will find these financial sites useful and convenient.